The “Tent Protest” - A Documentary

 In the summer of 2011, a large social demonstration took place in Israel, inspired by the Arab Spring uprisings in neighboring nations.

It was later named the “Tent Protest”, the largest protest in Israel's history. Tens of thousands of citizens marched the streets and filled the boulevards with their protest camps, soon becoming giant Tent Cities in the heart of major Israeli municipalities.

Many suppressed civil concerns and burdens bubbled to the surface.“Tazfilm” documented this revolutionary protest from a different angle: setting aside  all the media-frenzied bells and whistles and focusing on the actual people, their stories and personal pains.

During the peak of the demonstrations, “Tazfilm” placed a small caravan – transformed into a mobile film studio – at the center of the immensely crowded Rotschild Blvd, and offered the agents of the revolution a chance to communicate all that was on their hearts.

The cinematography was entirely close-up, a “face book” of human-beings – a mosaic of personalities revealing themselves and their comrades. This is an ongoing project, as the social protest remains anxious to burst out again – with the tension of upcoming elections in the country – and “Tazfilm” will be on the scene, continuing to document these revolutionary people, in its next chapter.

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